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Modern advances in HVAC technology have produced significant increase in efficiency and improvements in delivered comfort. For example, high efficiency equipment can offer considerable savings in fuel and repair costs when measured up against aging or outdated systems.

In cases where utility bills are getting higher than normal, we can analyze the existing system and provide options to help boost performance and comfort control. Since your business is valuable to us, we never offer high pressure tactics to secure a transaction. Whether it’s a new Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment installation, repair, maintenance and service, DANKAYS Heating and Cooling offers reasonably priced solutions for all your HVAC needs. That’s just what we do!

DANKAYS Heating and Cooling currently serves the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Preventative Maintenance
Regularly Scheduled Maintenance (Annually or Bi-Annually) Prevent troubles from occurring, while being reassured that your system’s in top-tier shape.
General Inspection and System Evaluation Let our Craftsmen assess your system to determine its strengths and areas in need of improvement.
DANKAYS Client Care Program Join the many Recipients of our DK Client Care program and receive discounts on equipment and labor costs; read more for details on our most popular packages.
Cool-Weather Repairs and Installations
Fall tune-ups Prepare system for the cooler months; Prevent carbon monoxide from entering home; Save money on fuel.
Heater Repairs No Heating, Cooling, or insufficient Heating and Cooling repairs.
Boilers and Furnaces Insufficient Heating Operations; air distribution and ventilation problems; Hot Water distribution and circulation problems (Boilers Only); Noisy and or loud Furnace or Boiler.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors System sales and servicing.
Warm-Weather Repairs and Installations
Air Conditioner Repair Insufficient Cooling Operation; Air Distribution and Ventilation problems; Intermittent operations; Noisy/loud Air Conditioner.
Electric Air Cleaning Air Cleaners and Indoor Air Quality Audits.
Spring Tune-ups Prepare system for the warmer months; Check and maintain proper refrigerant levels; Save money on energy bill.
Energy Investigations
Ultraviolet Light (UV)
Safety Alarms
Accessory Services, Sales, and Installations
Complete Duct Work and Water Piping Systems Replace old, dated ducts and water pipes; Let us re-order things under-the-hood; it can make a difference.
Addition or Remodeled Systems and Duct work Let us give you a hand with your additions and remodeling of things.
Ductless or Duct-free Systems We can assist you with the purchase of a new system.
Hot Water Coils and Air Handlers System sales and servicing.
Water Heater Installation and Services Re-invigorate your water heating system with the purchase of a new Hot-Water Heater; we can help.
Chilled Water Coils and Air Handlers System sales and servicing.
Wet Alarms, Alerts, and Switches Floods happen, but some of the damage may be prevented; purchase a wet alarm system; we can help.
Compress and Circuit Surge Protector Devices System sales and servicing.
Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Keep a consistent atmosphere – not too humid or too dry.
Programmable and Non-Programmable Thermostats Let us help you regulate indoor air flow; consider a traditional or Programmable Thermostat.