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DANKAYS Client Care

“The job isn’t finished just because the job is finished”

A Client is free to go into any shop for a quick repair, replacement, or other type of service. While we welcome fast, short-order jobs (believe it – we LOVE to use our talents any chance we get), we at DANKAYS don’t feel the job is finished just because the job is finished.

Our service philosophy is a bit different. We are more interested in developing a lasting and long-term relationship with you as our client than in charging you a high cost for small jobs. With this in mind, let us interest you in becoming a DANKAYS Client Care Recipient (DKCC).

Our Client Care Packages

We offer three levels of commitment to you, keeping differing economic and equipment needs in mind.

Rest assured that these levels each call for us to be PROACTIVE in addressing small problems before they become, well, big problems. As a DKCC Recipient, our entire* array of support and services will be readily available to you – even before there’s a problem. And while we believe in giving excellent service to all (without exception), we give extra priority to our DKCC Recipients; All DKCC Recipients qualify for emergency services.

Prestige Package

This is our Flagship package. It comes with two annual heating and/or air conditioning inspections, 50% discount on ALL repairs and replacements, 50% discount on replacement equipment purchases. It truly is ‘The Works’ (we’re such showoffs).

Premium Package

This package is for the individual interested in efficiency – solid maintenance, fast repairs with 30% discount on labor, and 30% discount on replacement equipment, all parts of our desires to deliver and maintain quality services.

Preferred Package

This is the package most-suited for individuals interested in maintaining quality services, while only requiring minimal discounts on system checks. It comes with a 10% discount on all repairs and services.

While we would be most satisfied if you allowed us to implement the full array of our talents (which we’d love to do), we are very happy with whichever plan you choose, and we won’t take you, Our Celebrated Client, for granted.

* While our desires are to throw everything except the kitchen sink at your problems, our Business Personnel insist that the level of support be determined by the commitment level entered into by DANKAYS and the DKCC Recipient – Premium, Prestige, or Preferred.